Message from the CEO


Our clients respect is our biggest obligation and objective.

Ingenium is an Angolan company that offers our clients the best of our know how and experience, plus all the advantages in costs, scheduling dead lines and the Excellency of good construction finishing.

For Ingenium, each client, whatever his project is, it's treated in a special way, by listening to ideas, specifications and necessities and trying to attend all the desires in the most professional way, and with a best cost relation.

All this happens in the most transparent and honest way in business, because we know that defeat repeats and gets into everyone that is involved in the process. Our clients satisfaction is also our big target and satisfaction as well.

We believe in transparency and ethics when we do business, adjacent to our accomplishment, those are the essences for all our institutional relations, being commercials, socials and governmental.

We have a true believer in our team and staff, and keep on investing in developments, new equipments, all under the most high security level and standard.

Our accomplishment with quality and professionalism together with the environment, define our projects and work. All the attention and dedication of our clients projects and ideas, are the exact definition of our company.


Earn as much respect from our customers through our actions and commitment. Not only for our buildings, but mainly for the way we do business, by the standards of product quality and compliance with deadlines.


Our target is to be the construction company that offers and does the best service in the market, be known as the best in the segment, in our operation way, in our projects, executions, assessing and follow all the timings.
We will achieve these objectives, recruiting and training for excellence our professionals, focusing in total quality standards, and always having in our mind our first objective, the client satisfaction.


. Quality, fulfillment of our timing terms and agreements, social responsibility, transparency and productivity;
. Passion for what we do to deliver the best;
. Honesty and integrity in all our negotiations with our clients and suppliers;
. High level and modern working standards, to grow with extreme organization in our services;
. Being a social responsible company, always looking at the environment, makes us a company that marks the difference.

About The Company & Work Team

About The Company & Work Team

The cooperation and collaboration Ingenium culture, offers to our clients all the experience of our professional staff.
A team in constant evolution and trainman's with the most up to date technologies in the construction market.
National and international suppliers guarantee all the access of the latest technology, equipments and necessary materials for our high construction level, and excellence standards.

Licenses & Certificates











Being an Angolan company, Ingenium has all the necessary licenses and certificates to operate in all terms in the construction segment.